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GRNITECH Neuse River Byrd Man My first ever stud dog was Dual Grand Champion Beech River Sputnik (1969). My first airplane ride ever was to fly to Clovis Stanfill's and spend two nights hunting Sputnik. My half of Sputnik cost me my lifetime savings and I also spent the same amount of M.C. Blackmon's money for his half of ole Sputnik. I had been sold on English dogs by ole Grand Nite Champion Blackmon's Blue Boy.

We bred a Blue Boy bitch to Sputnik and got the original Grand Nite Champion Neuse River Dooley. Roscoe Young bred his Hall of fame Piney Mt. Lady to Dooley and we got Grand Nite Champion Neuse River Dooley II. From Dooley II came Grand Nite Champion Neuse River Rambo. Out of Rambo came a nice pup that I wanted to impress a Walker man with and so I sold him a pup that became known as Michigan Swamp Rooster.

Out of Rooster came many Grand Nite Champions including my Mcgruff dog who is the grand daddy of one of my current stud dogs, Big Money. I am proud of what my dogs have done and even more proud of the friendships created along the way.

Neuse River hounds were started 1969 and are still going strong.

• First Generation Grand Nite Champion Neuse River Sputnik

• Second Generation-Grand Nite Champion Neuse River Dooley

• Third Generation-Grand Nite Champion ACHA Nite Champion Neuse River Dooley II

• Fourth Generation-Grand Nite Champion Neuse River Rambo

• Fifth Generation-Grand Nite Champion Michigan Swamp Rooster (sold as a pup)

• Sixth Generation-Grand Nite Champion, PKC Champion, Super Stakes Final four, Sire of Super
  Stakes winner Neuse River Mc Gruff.

• Seventh Generation-Nite Champion, PKC Champion, Neuse River Pride

• Eighth Generation-Grand Nite Champion, Neuse River Heat

• Ninth Generation-Grand Nite Champion, Heat Doctor (Dock)

Erwin Masengill

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